Colt All American Model of 2000 First Edition NEW & UNFIRED In The Box



Manufacturer: Colt
Model: All American Model Of 2000
Caliber: .9mm
Barrel Length: 4.5 inch
Capacity: 15+1
Frame Finish: High Polished Blued
Grips: OEM Walnut w/ Logo


COLT ALL AMERICAN MODEL OF 2000- FIRST EDITION, .9mm, polymer framed, striker-fired pistol, with two double-stacked 15 round magazines. In 1990,  Reed Knight and Eugene Stoner went to work to produce a pistol, which was somewhat new for the two AR makers. They designed the pistol and made some initial prototypes, and Colt decided to purchase the design from Stoner and Knight in 1992. Colt was only producing 1911s and revolvers in terms of pistols, and they were suffering for it as the demand for striker fired polymer pistols was overwhelming the market. The All American used a rotating bolt system that was relatively novel for the time.  Only a few guns like the older Steyr 1912 utilized a similar design, but it wasn’t common in 1992 by any means. Reed and Stoner used roller bearings inside the trigger assembly to  provide a smooth trigger pull of roughly 6 pounds. However, Colt’s lawyers didn’t like having a trigger that light and the trigger ultimately was set at 12 lbs.  The All American was a true Double-Action only pistol, and proved to be very different than the other popular striker fired pistols of that time. After a couple of brief years of production, Colt discontinued the All American and although not well known to most shooters- Collectors love them for their rarity. This is one of the first produced “First Edition Models and is in new & unfired condition. The firearm is pristine- with no wear or handling marks whatsoever. This gun was purchased as an investment many years ago and has been vault stored ever since.  This is a great opportunity to add the rare ”All American” to your Colt collection. Ships 100% complete in the original factory hard case with special First Edition emblem. See photos for item condition and details and don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions by email at  [email protected]