The Colt Story

A timeline view of the world’s most iconic firearms company. Learn about the rich history of the Colt! Started in 1836 by Samuel Colt, this iconic firearms brand has stood the test of time, remaining as popular as ever today!

  1. 1836

    Samuel Colt is issued the US Patent for the first Colt firearm and builds his first factory.
  2. 1847

    Samuel H. Walker of the US Army collaborates with Colt to develop a more powerful revolver, known as the Walker. Colt has been providing quality firearms for the US military throughout history and continues to do so today.
  3. 1867

    Colt introduces its first Gatling Gun shortly after the factory is rebuilt.
  4. 1873

    The Single Action Army revolver is introduced and secures a US Government contract. The Colt Single Actions Army revolver is undoubtedly the most famous handgun in firearm history. Today the tradition continues as the Single Action Army is made the same way in the hands of Colt’s accomplished technicians and machinists.
  5. 1911

    The Colt Model 1911 is officially adopted by the US Government as its standard firearm. Colt’s manufacturing process relies on the precision of both modern technology and professional craftsmanship to produce the quality our customers have come to expect.
  6. 1950

    Colt introduces a series of firearms that incorporate a lightweight alloy frame, including the Cobra revolver and the Commander automatic pistol. Colt has been delivering the world’s finest, innovative firearms to Law Enforcement throughout history, including delivering a large number of revolvers to Teddy Roosevelt while he was NYPD Commissioner.
  7. 1963

    Colt receives its first government contract for the M16 rifle, an improved version of the AR-15 design.
  8. 1976

    Colt introduces the colt Custom Gun Shop. From the beginning, embellishments from talented artists have been a hallmark of Colt firearms. Today the tradition continues with the master engravers in the Colt Custom Shop.
  9. 2006

    Samuel Colt is inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.